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Smart Skin Laser Resurfacing

Smart Skin Laser Skin Resurfacing: Turn Back the Clock

How might your self-confidence soar if you looked in the mirror and saw healthier, younger skin? It’s something many people dream about, and with Smart Skin laser skin resurfacing, that dream can be a reality.

Many seek out resurfacing treatments to reverse signs of aging—lines and wrinkles—that creep up with time. Fractional laser skin treatments can do so much more. They can minimize old scars, fight age spots, combat skin redness and provide skin rejuvenation for a firmer, tighter appearance. Any or all areas of the face, neck and hands can benefit from laser resurfacing,

More Results in Less Time
Dr. Peers uses the Smart Skin Laser Skin Renewal system, a state-of-the-art tool that combines optimal results with a safe, comfortable experience. Here are some of Smart Skin’s advantages:

  • A complete solution. It tackles multiple skin problems affecting different layers of the skin all at the same time, thanks to an exclusive design that integrates three top technologies. It does double duty by treating sun damaged skin while employing skin tightening techniques. And because it penetrates deep into the skin, it’s an ideal laser treatment for smoothing and toning the skin.
  • Increased comfort, quicker healing. Other laser resurfacing tools don’t allow physicians to adjust the heat level, creating an uncomfortably hot sensation on the skin. Smartskin’s fractional system diffuses the laser’s heat, which offers three important benefits: reduced discomfort, a more effective treatment that boosts and restores collagen, and a quicker recovery period.
  • Speedy treatments. What’s better than an effective treatment? An effective treatment that gets you in and out of the physician’s office in a fraction of the time! The skin resurfacing technology used by Dr. Peers delivers more micro-pulses per treatment area, which reduces session times considerably.

Before Co2

Day after. Swollen and red.

Day 4 with Jane Iredale makeup

Short But Effective Treatment

From start to finish the Affirm CO2 treatment takes roughly 2 hours, though several sessions may be required to reach satisfactory results.

What You’ll Experience
Everyone is different, so Dr. Peers customizes each aspect of treatment—including pre- and post-care—according to each individual’s unique needs.

Smart Skin Laser resurfacing treatments always take place at Dr. Peers’ office in a relaxed and calm environment.

  • A topical anesthetic cream is used to maximize comfort.
  • During the procedure, the laser moves over the skin in a tiny dot pattern for precise wrinkle and scar treatment. As the laser works, it usually creates a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin.
  • The advanced technology of Smart Skin means optimal results are obtained in as little as three treatments.
  • Nutritional balms are applied after treatment.

After Treatment
Side effects of laser skin resurfacing are usually mild and brief. It’s common  to experience slight discomfort and swelling; both are easily remedied with pain relievers and cold compresses.

  • Patients can drive themselves home following the procedure.
  • Skin affected by the treatment may appear red for several days. During this period, it’s essential to wear sunscreen with a high SPF and stay out of the sun as much as possible.
  • Occasionally, small crusty patches may form. To avoid scarring, they should be allowed to heal spontaneously.
  • Cosmetics may be applied on the 4th day after the Smart Skin laser resurfacing procedure.

Are You a Candidate?
Dr. Peers evaluates each person to determine if this procedure is right for her (or him). You may not experience optimal results if you have a darker complexion or tanned skin, scar easily, have specific skin conditions or take certain medications.

Call us today to find out why Smartskin Laser Resurfacing is the smart-state-of-the-art way to a younger and healthier skin.